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Advance your career with International dual degree program, Here at SGU you will get MBA degree from a German University and MM degree from SGU. Qualified Lecturers with academics degree abroad & industry experience. Come and be part of the SGU family today!

Featured Testimonials

Kartiwan Johanes – Director of PT. Metrodata Electronics tbk.

I Joined the SGU MBA program in 2016. I have developed a lot of insights in terms of business perspectives by taking the SGU MBA programs as, it provides a good combination of practice and theory. It’s been a good experience for me as well to get to know a lot of people from different backgrounds and an opportunity for me to share experiences.

Humberto David – Assistant of the President Director PT. Framas Indonesia

The SGU MBA program brought together leadership grounded in academic exellence and global business insight. The extensive and challenging program teaches the MBA students how to interact in a group and provides them important teamwork skills.
I Personally developed my management and business skills in leadership, strategy, business ethics and communications. It gave me the confidence to apply the theoretical concepts that i face in my daily business work.
The Diverse and collaborative learning experience of the SGU MBA program has definitely had an influence on me and on the organization I work for. I now feel more confident and more able to seek higher targets, sustainability and market growth.
In general, I conclude that the SGU MBA program empowers student with the skills to face current management and business challenges.

Abimbila S. Raji – Senior Counsellor, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

It was indeed a great opportunity for me to be part of the SGU family from the onset. The SGU MBA program is specially designed for fresh graduates and professionals in various fields of endeavor seeking additional knowledge in the area of Business Administration and Management and hoping to excel in their various fields. The in-depth and very insightful program provides opportunity for students to learn in English Language which is so much sought after by many in Indonesia. The knowledge in International Business, Financial Management and Entrepreneurial studies gathered by students in the course of the program will no doubt, set the stage for them all to reach the pinnacle of their careers as they progress.
It is also interesting to note that the manner with which the staff of SGU steers the wheel of activities of the institution in the most professional way is laudable and cannot be overemphasized. The serene environment of the school also provide students with the much needed conducive environment to learn in very effective way. Personally, SGU has provided and equipped me with the academic capability to compete favorably in the International Arena. As a Diplomat, i find the SGU experience very interesting and most rewarding and am bold to say graduates of the institution can be confidently compete with the best of the best on the global stage.

Huisan Thenaria – Assistant of President Commissioner of PT. Bank Mega Tbk.

To succed in career advancement as a future leader, one must always be prepared and equipped with knowledge and skills to seize every oportunity that comes. SGU is the right place to learn and gain aspiration. The SGU MBA program offers a strong foundation of management knowledge and experience through its dedicated lecturers, extensive curriculum and widely developed network. All of these have broaded my perspective and enhanced my abilities in strategic business management, effective decision making problem solving, leadership and interpersonal skills in managing team dynamics. These abilities are indeed useful in helping me to grasp opportunities, take on challenges and face the business competition in my working environment.


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